#TelecomTuesdayTip: Determine who owns devices to maintain control.

One of the most important decisions a company must make when integrating a mobility plan is the corporate-owned versus employee-owned mobile device.  The most important factor for companies to consider is the protection of sensitive data stored on employee devices.  Large businesses may want to consider CLUs, because devices can be directly managed and costs [...]

#TelecomTuesdayTip: Manage Your Global Telecoms Estate

As organizations continue to grow and expand into new territories, more sophisticated communications will be needed to keep employees connected on a global scale. However, more sophisticated communications can also introduce more security risks and rising costs.  A good telecommunications management solution is critical to provide organizations with the visibility, control, and security to effectively [...]

#TelecomTuesdayTip: Don’t Drown in Data Consumption Costs

As apps are being downloaded, internet is being accessed, videos are being watched, and information is being stored, visibility into data usage is becoming more difficult. Whether the devices being used in your enterprise are corporate owned or employee owned, it’s important to track data use to avoid bill shock at the end of the [...]

#TelecomTuesdayTip: Empower Employees with a Mobile Procurement Portal

IT and procurement teams are often required to manage significant telecommunications processes, including provisioning devices and services. With many businesses placing increased scrutiny on operational efficiency, management of an increasingly complex and diversified procurement process is a key area of focus, and the desire to achieve operational efficiencies is greater than ever. A mobile procurement [...]

#TelecomTuesdayTip: Manage Mobile More Efficiently with MDM

Organizations today are realizing the importance of allowing employees to work remotely, on secure devices, while still ensuring the services remain cost efficient. Mobile Device Management protects your corporate data and assets from the risk of unmanaged, unsecured devices and reduces the administrative burden associated with running multiple mobile operating systems. A powerful mobile device [...]

#TelecomTuesdayTip: Identify Telecoms Spend

Most organizations have no idea how much they are currently spending on voice and data communications.  As telecom and mobile products and services multiply – tablets, smartphones, etc. — the complexities increase.  Employ a Web-based telecom expense management solution to help you identify and reconcile your organization’s telecom usage and costs.

#TelecomTuesdayTip: Don’t Let Data Consumption Become Costly

When choosing a data plan, it’s important to understand which will be most cost-effective, but can still provide the necessary service to your company.  By requesting a detailed bill from your carrier with data charges, usage, coverage and roaming information, you can analyze where extra costs are coming from and create a plan to manage [...]

#TelecomTuesdayTip: Manage Device Proliferation with Telecommunications Management

As the connected devices landscape continues to change, it’s more important than ever to make an investment in telecommunications management. Doing so will provide the capability to manage the continual upgrades and disconnections, the growing demand for apps, and the security risks involved. By gaining insight into the telecommunications environment, companies can make informed decisions [...]

Vodafone Telecom Management Practice to Speak at AOTMP

The Vodafone Telecom Management Practice has been selected to speak at the 2014 AOTMP conference, to be held February 10-13 in Orlando, Florida. Previously a TEM/WMM-centric conference, this year’s emphasis and content have been dramatically expanded to engage the full spectrum of activities affecting the efficiency and productivity of fixed and mobile telecom environments. The [...]

#TelecomTuesdayTip: Simplify Billing Data with Call Accounting

Understanding fixed billing data is a critical part of managing a telecommunications estate. It is also a complex process, as call detail is presented in many different formats depending on the carrier or system source. Call Accounting is a comprehensive approach to analyzing and optimizing fixed voice billing data. It offers visibility of all fixed [...]

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